Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 18: Shlomi Vs. Zorbee

Greetings, podcast fans, from BEEYOOOOND THE GRAAAAAAAVE...

Well, not really. The good news is that the rumors of LAFCAST's death are greatly exaggerated. The bad news is that Nathan A. Libby is lazy enough to go four months without publishing a podcast. But to atone for past neglect, here's a brand new episode featuring the newly absorbed Daniel Kelly (formerly of zer0cast.) In this episode, Libby and Daniel make predictions about the New Year (it being almost 2010 after all,) Libby reveals far more about his relationship to Twilight than he'd like, Daniel regales us with tales of nephews, Defend Your Face and Gun To Your Head make rip-roarin' comebacks, and they review a movie and forget to actually give it a rating. (7.5 thumbs up, btw.) Hilarity ensues in this dramatic return to form. Stay tuned for next week's episode...four months from now. Briefcase!

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