Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 21: Attack of the Return of the Revenge of the Phantom Gay Time Machine

In this episode, Libby and Franson are joined by Team Zorbee for the STAR WARS SPECTACULAR!!! If you like Star Wars, well then GOOD NEWS!!! This episode basically ONLY deals with Star Wars!!! If you do NOT like Star Wars, well then godblessya, this ep is gonna bore you to tears. The boys come up with some pretty clever Blaster To Your Head segments (see what we did there?) and heap adoration upon the original trilogy, while seeking redemption for the prequels. Libby reveals a disturbing fact about "Space Aids" and Franson reveals the first name on his "Guys I'd Go Gay For" list. Tune in next week for a starwarsless episode. Salacious!

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