Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 23: Stamos Cool

In Episode 23, Libby and Jon bring you a heaping pile of podcast goodness (mercifully louder for all you haters.) They kick things off right with the invention of a crrrrAAAAzzzyyyy radio station, then Jon proceeds to blow it by talking about murdering his children (but don't worry, it's funny.) Libby proves how sick he is by describing his delusions regarding Facebook and his privacy, as well as describing his World Cup Fever. The boys wonder aloud about Kim Jong Il's absolute power, invisible phones, and an unfortunate speech impediment. Jon tries in vain to think of something less cool than 90s sitcom Full House. Libby takes the concept of Twitter a bit too far, and perhaps falsely accuses his great-grandfather of being a Nazi. It's all here in this rip-roaring installment of LAFCAST. Exakwee!

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