Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 32: The Green Nautical Mile (AKA The One With That Annoying Crackling Noise)

GUTEN TAG, and welcome back from LAFCAST's traditional autumn 3-month hiatus! The following podcast hails from early October, but due to personal issues (school, musicals, gettin' a girlfriend,) Libby finally throws it all together to kick off a December to remember. This episode features the long-delayed return of "ShaDaniel" Kelly, as well as a brand-new, very special guest...a REALLY ANNOYING CRACKLY BACKGROUND NOISE! Sorry, folks, you'll just have to bear with it...we couldn't fix it in post. This prodigal podcast features the (un?)timely death of a 100-year-old hussy, a revisitation of the Sonny Bono impression, the invention of the words "Rimshaw," "Rickjob" and "Apostrawberry," and insight into the tao of the Gas Station Clerk. Daniel decides on which limbs to live without, and Libby rags on pro wrestling announcers and today's "urban youth." After a brief remembrance of Goosebumps books, the twin quasars of podcasting decide to rate the hotness of favorite female TV characters after spending the better part of the podcast audibly fawning over Alison Brie. (Deepest apologies go out to any girlfriends I may or may not have acquired during the time between recording and posting this podcast...) The boys round it out with LAFCAST's very first MUSICAL GUEST, Washington State's own Marina Pitassi! Listen and enjoy. And tune in next...sometime for our next episode. Make A Miracle!

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