Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things

Welcome back! In this episode, Libby and Jon are joined by an oh-so-special guest, Don "Star-Wars-Tattoo-Butt" Frisk, as they embark on another jumbo-sized podcast voyage. They start the ball rolling by turning their critical eye to the sculptures popping up in downton Eau Claire, pontificating on the subtle nuances of dueling billboards, and analyzing the merits of "Kofi Annan" as a porn name. Libby keeps mis-saying the phrase "Transitive Property," Jon finds a whole new spin on both sarcasm and retail, and Mr. Frisk gets the All-American Rejects and Hinder confused somehow. Before the episode is over, the boys fix How I Met Your Mother, tell the story of Pod Judas and Pod Jesus, declare their allegiances in the ongoing "Pickle Vs. Nickelback" debate, and have a brief interview with John Toppers, the Prince of Pizza. It's all here in this extra Frisky episode of LAFCAST. Handy!

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