Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things

Welcome back to the wonderful world of LAFCAST, as Libby and company try to make up for lost time yet again with this long-delayed episode originally recorded in November! The 'cast starts off with a very EXTREME welcome from Libby, Franson and Daniel, and from there degrades to the lowest possible level (and never bounces back) as talk turns to the more disgusting side of life. Libby proposes a theoretical third stage of diarrhea, Franson ponders the Biblical roots of the word "tits," and Daniel doubles our pleasure with a selection of "Two-For-One Diseases." Franson goes on a gay witch hunt against Libby for a certain "happenstance" at Nelson's wedding, Daniel tries to picture his own life as a musical, and Libby has his work cut out for him as Franson pushes for a record number of bleeped-out cusses. All in all, prepare to be ashamed of us, Podience, for the lowest-brow LAFCAST yet.Br Buttcentric!

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