Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 9: Watermelon Face In this episode, Libby is joined once again by the lovely Katherine Lewiston as they gather 'round the apparatus for another brand spankin' new installment of LAFCAST. Things get shameful fast for Libby as he reveals the most embarrassing thing he has ever volunteered for, his ability to freestyle-fairy-dance, and a really good reason not to check your Facebook at 5 A.M. Katherine, meanwhile, discusses her deep-seated hatred for a first-grader named Joey, stretches the meaning of the word 'choreography,' and tells an epic tale revolving around freezie pops. The two amigos temporarily break the stringent 'no swearing' policy to describe their first profanities, Libby accidentally (then on purpose) offends Katherine's sister Eric, and the whole thing is rounded off with a revealing story about Katherine's parents that Libby swore not to talk about. Kashaba!

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