Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 4: The McFunner In this episode, Libby and Franson start out strong with a story about two week old poop. But quality like this can't last long, so the conversation devolves into tales of corporate fast food mascots, Libby's shameful childhood in Bruce, Wisconsin, and the world's most disgusting cocktail. Libby's best James Lipton impression, a suggestion of internet movie piracy, and an actual, honest to goodness MOVIE REVIEW (if you could call that a movie) round up this instant classic. Bon Appetit!
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Episode 3: Avatarded In this episode, Libby is joined by The Kelly Brothers, who proceed to turn LAFCAST into a giant commercial for their podcast. Once things get rolling, talk turns to childbirth (which gets compared to tub poopin'), Libby's unwitting plagiaristic ways, and some Brazilian woman who stole his thunder. Before it's all said and done, Libby admits his love for Hugh Jackman and calls Ryan Reynolds a "sweet guy." The whole thing is capped off with a review of a movie that hasn't come out yet. Enjoy!
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Episode 2: Carving The Roast Beast In this episode, Libby is (thankfully) joined by someone. That someone happens to be Zachary Franson. The boys wonder aloud about many things, from the fate of Grant Hill to the meaning of the word 'Maundy'. Talk turns to the urinals of bible days, Franson's Minnesota nightlife, a movie review of the first half of Amadeus in which Libby unintentionally offends the elderly, and a 'cutting' discussion about circumcision.
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