Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 7: The Misadventures Of Todd Callahan In this episode, Libby is joined by special guests Paul C. Nolting and Randy Wittorp, as they discuss sleep-ninja skills, Paul's career as an ex-boyfriend, and Randy's past days in Dog-A-Wac, Michigan.  The boys prove to be terrible at disguising identities, then ruminate on past Tour Choir exploits, such as Paul's fling with a (now) married woman, and a particularly disturbing 'wake-up call' for Libby. The episode peters out with a review of a particularly 'Horrible' mini-series. It's all here in Episode 7 of LAFCAST. How Now Brown Cow!
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Episode 6: MOUNTAINS! In this episode, Libby and Franson stay up way past their bedtimes to deliver another slice of podcast deliciousness. This particular slice kicks off with a recap of their favorite may holidays, and continues on to such things as inappropriate greeting cards and a unique theory on the end of the world. Libby goes on to doubt the availability of pizza delivery during the apocalypse, and Franson issues a warning to big ol' softies. The whole thing ends with a plug for the Tour Choir Diet, a weighted discussion on the pros and cons of self-applause and wedding sabotage, and the revenge of a 'sleeper cell.' Sweet Dreams!
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Episode 5: Black Russian Baby In this episode, Libby is joined by special guest Katherine Lewiston as they review the Immanuel Lutheran High School presentation of Into The Woods Junior...or at least they start to. Easily distracted, the pair wind up talking about things like Libby's middle name, Katherine as the perfect dog, and bratwurst as a choir concert theme. They define the word 'punzel,' poo-poo the swine flu, forget to sing a duet, and change Libby's first name to Nayden before remembering why they were podcasting in the first place and talk about the play some more. Break a leg!
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