Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 8: Bobbing For Babies In this long-delayed episode, Libby and Franson are comin' atcha from a brand new location! The episode begins on a wholesome note, with Franson encouraging us all to 'practice long, study hard'...however, talk quickly turns to celebrity death and racism. Before you know it, the boys turn their attentions to chastising suicide victims, adding to the rumor that asian people can fly, and wondering when exactly babies turn into people. Libby goes on to belittle all patrons of canine massage, and Franson reveals his desire to pee on a carpet. Later, the boys call out Drew Barrymore and Maggie Gyllenhall in the first installment of the brand new game show 'Defend Yo Face' and share with you a REAL LIVE E-MAIL straight from IronEagleRiverLakeMinnesotaTown, MN. Brought to you by Trekker's Trail Mix. Holla!
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