Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 12: Jewtopia

It's a Libby-Franson Double Deuce!!! In this episode, Libby is once more joined by Franson as they resign themselves to their scholastic fates. Franson proceeds to insult everyone possible as he comes up with a hilarious idea involving blackface, and Libby publicly acknowledges his over-use of a certain catchphrase, then proceeds to re-over-use it. The boys cut a raging swath over every topic imaginable, from epic outdoor urination stories to their hatred of the local Fox station. They create a tasty-sounding STD, pooh-pooh all over A.A. Milne, and FINALLY set the ground rules for "Defend Yo Face." Libby's terrible Irish Jewish accent sends this podcast to an early grave. Funnier podcasts to come in the coming weeks. Take That, America!

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