Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 13: Dickenstein (AKA The Devil's Argument)

In this episode, Libby is joined by Daniel Kelly sans brother Jon for the first time ever! Things get weird fast as Libby and Daniel try and define their relationship. Libby rapidly changes the subject by talking about his newfound love for Redbox(ing?) and the death of a ill-planned email address. The pair introduce a brand new segment to the cast, Gun To Your Head, and ridiculousness pours out from there...such as Daniel's flagrant Bear-worship, a frank discussion on how much one love's one's balls, and possible dinner dates with Louie Anderson and Martin Van Buren. The episode comes to a close with a review of a less-than-successful comic book movie (as most episodes do) and Libby's promise to someday Rebutt His Face. Titty-Tight!!!

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