Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 17: Hot Tub Santa (Christmas Double-cast Part 2)

In this 'Salute to Christmas,' the boys from LAFCAST and Zer0cast pick up right where they left off in Zer0cast episode 2-5...basically nowhere. Trying to make things all Christmasy, Libby forgets what he had planned for the episode, and mutiny ensues. Franson starts gettin' all mad, Daniel drifts off into space, and Jon is left slack-jawed. Needless to say, this produces stimulating conversation, from Jon's dismissal of all underwear to a story of a young Franson's last stand with a fistful of candy canes. The episode comes to a roaring conclusion with some particularly disturbing holiday-themed Gun To Your Head questions, and classic Christmas movie reviews (in which we learn that Jon is the REAL Grinch.) All this, plus Franson's definition of the term 'reindeer job,' Libby's idea for a movie starring Santa, Hitler, and John Wayne, and Daniel's surprising zeal for TOM HANKS! Gather your family 'round the 'yule log' and give a listen to this very special holiday episode. Joyous!!!

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Episode 16: Cannibalicious!

In this episode, Libby is joined by Jon Kelly of zer0cast as they embark upon another voyage of podcastical proportions. Talk begins with the three stages of Drunk Libby, and continues on with a frightening realization about the Twelve Days of Christmas. Libby starts railing on carolers out of nowhere, and Jon hammers out the technical details of Figgy Pudding bylaws. After that's over, the boys go on a fweeten-sized tangent about Jon's progeny, Eli, and Libby discovers who Jon's son's baby daddy REALLY is. Through no fault of his own, Libby presents himself as a pedophile, and moving quickly on, the two get all Mister Wizard about cell phones and brain cancer. After realizing that they don't "have-a-the-funny," they close with the laugh riot topics of cannibalism and Roseanne. Be sure to check out LAFCAST this Christmas Eve for a very special holiday episode. Abbondanza!

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Episode 15: Dickens The Dog

In this episode, Libby and Franson are back again after a woeful couple months apart. Highlights include the invention of (and immediate apprehension toward) Sexual Golf, Libby's poetry reading of the works of Bon Scott, Franson's amazing entrepeneur turn with the invention of Drinkables, and Libby's conquering of the topic of "Celebrity Plane Crash Deaths." The episode's finest moment comes with an especially grievous misheard lyric. Music this week is absolutely not by CAKE. This week's episode is brought to you by Hostess. Here's humpin'!

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Episode 14: Blarney Zone

It's the first of December!!! Which is why it's so appropriate to post this podcast from...October? Anyway, in this episode Libby is joined once again by the lovely Katherine Lewiston as they podcast where no man has podcasted before: Katherine's truck. The "mobile unit" proves to be a terrible place to podcast as the two get distracted by the sights and sounds of Phoenix Park, and Libby's lack of topics and Katherine's sudden sleepiness make this podcast one of the UNlegendary ones. Still worth a larf or two, however, as Libby and Katherine discuss a potential blockbuster Irish game show, as well as broach the topic of man-whoring in the streets of Eau Claire. Tune in next month or so for the next "weekly" episode. WootWoot!!!

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