Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 16: Cannibalicious!

In this episode, Libby is joined by Jon Kelly of zer0cast as they embark upon another voyage of podcastical proportions. Talk begins with the three stages of Drunk Libby, and continues on with a frightening realization about the Twelve Days of Christmas. Libby starts railing on carolers out of nowhere, and Jon hammers out the technical details of Figgy Pudding bylaws. After that's over, the boys go on a fweeten-sized tangent about Jon's progeny, Eli, and Libby discovers who Jon's son's baby daddy REALLY is. Through no fault of his own, Libby presents himself as a pedophile, and moving quickly on, the two get all Mister Wizard about cell phones and brain cancer. After realizing that they don't "have-a-the-funny," they close with the laugh riot topics of cannibalism and Roseanne. Be sure to check out LAFCAST this Christmas Eve for a very special holiday episode. Abbondanza!

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