Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 17: Hot Tub Santa (Christmas Double-cast Part 2)

In this 'Salute to Christmas,' the boys from LAFCAST and Zer0cast pick up right where they left off in Zer0cast episode 2-5...basically nowhere. Trying to make things all Christmasy, Libby forgets what he had planned for the episode, and mutiny ensues. Franson starts gettin' all mad, Daniel drifts off into space, and Jon is left slack-jawed. Needless to say, this produces stimulating conversation, from Jon's dismissal of all underwear to a story of a young Franson's last stand with a fistful of candy canes. The episode comes to a roaring conclusion with some particularly disturbing holiday-themed Gun To Your Head questions, and classic Christmas movie reviews (in which we learn that Jon is the REAL Grinch.) All this, plus Franson's definition of the term 'reindeer job,' Libby's idea for a movie starring Santa, Hitler, and John Wayne, and Daniel's surprising zeal for TOM HANKS! Gather your family 'round the 'yule log' and give a listen to this very special holiday episode. Joyous!!!

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