Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things

In this THIRD EPISODE PUBLISHED IN THREE WEEKS, (somebody call Ed McMahon's corpse, we just won the Publisher's Clearing House!!!) Libby and Daniel start a Nicknaming Fan Club of sorts, coming up with less unappealing names for the privatest of parts, as well as creating a few good nicknames for Mixmaster Jon Kelly. The boys basically create a personal ad for the already married Timmy Two-Kids, and Libby tells how he had a hand in the courtship of Taddy-Daddy. Talk turns suddenly sad as they talk about movies they never actually made, and then moves to two of the strangest Gun-To-Your-Heads in podcast history. The episode caps off with a rapid-firing of as many quickie movie reviews as possible. Mickaroo!

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Episode 19: Forbidden Fruit (The Wanton Ways Of Anna Banana)

In this episode, Libby is joined by Franson for the first time in 2010. Franson quickly shanghais the 'cast away from its rightful host and proceeds to tell the longest story in LAFCAST history. Highlights of said story include the on-the-fly changing of several girls' names to "protect the innocent," more jokes involving the word "banana" than you can shake a banana at, and a great idea for a Saturday morning cartoon encouraging kids to be friends with fruit. The whole thing caps off with a review of the least-talked-about movie of the summer. What emerges from the ether of podcastery is either one of our most awesome or most awful episodes...we leave it up to you, the listener to decide. Fruitylicious!

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Episode 18: Shlomi Vs. Zorbee

Greetings, podcast fans, from BEEYOOOOND THE GRAAAAAAAVE...

Well, not really. The good news is that the rumors of LAFCAST's death are greatly exaggerated. The bad news is that Nathan A. Libby is lazy enough to go four months without publishing a podcast. But to atone for past neglect, here's a brand new episode featuring the newly absorbed Daniel Kelly (formerly of zer0cast.) In this episode, Libby and Daniel make predictions about the New Year (it being almost 2010 after all,) Libby reveals far more about his relationship to Twilight than he'd like, Daniel regales us with tales of nephews, Defend Your Face and Gun To Your Head make rip-roarin' comebacks, and they review a movie and forget to actually give it a rating. (7.5 thumbs up, btw.) Hilarity ensues in this dramatic return to form. Stay tuned for next week's episode...four months from now. Briefcase!

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