Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 19: Forbidden Fruit (The Wanton Ways Of Anna Banana)

In this episode, Libby is joined by Franson for the first time in 2010. Franson quickly shanghais the 'cast away from its rightful host and proceeds to tell the longest story in LAFCAST history. Highlights of said story include the on-the-fly changing of several girls' names to "protect the innocent," more jokes involving the word "banana" than you can shake a banana at, and a great idea for a Saturday morning cartoon encouraging kids to be friends with fruit. The whole thing caps off with a review of the least-talked-about movie of the summer. What emerges from the ether of podcastery is either one of our most awesome or most awful episodes...we leave it up to you, the listener to decide. Fruitylicious!

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