Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 25: The Wrong Belushi

In this episode, Libby and Daniel "Two Sips" Kelly desperately scramble to recreate the magic of the FIRST Episode 25, lost to the ages. The boys ponder fun, family friendly topics such as rape and genital mutilation, as well as the death of a giant in the brand new segment "Too Soon." Daniel proudly talks about lockpicking, and Libby shamefully talks about man-makeup. Libby once again proves to know WAY too much about celebrity death, and of course this leads to a no-holds-barred discussion of computer game phenomenon SkiFree. Besides discussing "Midwest Tanning," Zoobooks, a German Pig-Tiger, and the "Crotch Game," this episode will go down in history as "the one with all the crappy impressions." Look for impersonations of Sonny Bono, Manute Bol, Michael Keaton, Jim Belushi, African Santa, Jim Sydow, and many more...proving once and for all that you DO get a second chance to make a bad impression. My Bad!

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Episode 24: Balls And Chains Everywhere (Recorded at Josh Stifter's Wedding, 06/19/10)

In this very very special episode, Libby is joined by Zach Franson...and Daniel Kelly...and Jon Kelly...and Paul C. Nolting...and Danielle Ryan...and Dan Degnan...and Josh Stifter (plus cameos by Keith Radichel, Jenny Stifter, Hilary Roberts, Sam Priebe Kelly and Eli Kelly) as they celebrate Josh and Jenny's wedding the Flush Studios way...badly, via a podcast. Give it a's our wedding present to YOU, the audience. Mazel Tov!

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Episode 23: Stamos Cool

In Episode 23, Libby and Jon bring you a heaping pile of podcast goodness (mercifully louder for all you haters.) They kick things off right with the invention of a crrrrAAAAzzzyyyy radio station, then Jon proceeds to blow it by talking about murdering his children (but don't worry, it's funny.) Libby proves how sick he is by describing his delusions regarding Facebook and his privacy, as well as describing his World Cup Fever. The boys wonder aloud about Kim Jong Il's absolute power, invisible phones, and an unfortunate speech impediment. Jon tries in vain to think of something less cool than 90s sitcom Full House. Libby takes the concept of Twitter a bit too far, and perhaps falsely accuses his great-grandfather of being a Nazi. It's all here in this rip-roaring installment of LAFCAST. Exakwee!

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Episode 22: The Sweaty Teddy

Turn your volume up! Way way up! Why should I do that, Libby, is there a party going on? No, but this episode is really really quiet. Yes, Libby's getting "experimental" in this ep, recording via the miraculous iPhone. In this whisper-quiet episode, Libby and Franson talk summer weddings and Sausage Scissors. They show senseless hatred toward the denizens of Mankato, Minnesota, and shed some light on the history of the Libby/Franson no-touching rule. The boys lament the condition of the Budget Theater, and prove that they have no knowledge of any non-Back-to-the-Future time-travel movies. Log on to and weigh in on the sound tell us how awesome we are. Beerathon!

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Episode 21: Attack of the Return of the Revenge of the Phantom Gay Time Machine

In this episode, Libby and Franson are joined by Team Zorbee for the STAR WARS SPECTACULAR!!! If you like Star Wars, well then GOOD NEWS!!! This episode basically ONLY deals with Star Wars!!! If you do NOT like Star Wars, well then godblessya, this ep is gonna bore you to tears. The boys come up with some pretty clever Blaster To Your Head segments (see what we did there?) and heap adoration upon the original trilogy, while seeking redemption for the prequels. Libby reveals a disturbing fact about "Space Aids" and Franson reveals the first name on his "Guys I'd Go Gay For" list. Tune in next week for a starwarsless episode. Salacious!

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