Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 28: Blenda Christmas and the CornLog

In this overly long episode, Libby is joined by Team Zorbee and a very, VERY special guest, Young Master Erik "Stinky" Nelson. We had to kidnap him to get him here, but he's here, and believe you me, listeners, we take full advantage of him. The boys drill Nelson on topics ranging from Power Rangers to his unborn child. Jon and Daniel talk about their re-re-revamped podcast, and Libby compares insemination to Indiana Jones. The gang speaks of such things as favorite childhood television shows, the lost history of Secret Origins: Young Jon vs. Young Libby, and a very one-sided friendship between Libby and Stinky. We stick a pin in this bloated balloon of an episode by talking about Tour Choir memories and exactly what kind of an experience it is to share a bed with the first-degree sleep criminal Nathan A. Libby. It's all here in this giant-sized episode. NICE!

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Episode 27: Human Pizza

In this episode, Libby is joined by Daniel for what seems like the twelfth time in a row as they crack open another 2-liter of carbonated podcast delight! This proves to be the podcast of Libby's Epic Stories as he regales the audience with seemingly unbelievable tales of hobo thievery, workplace time-travel, and terrible Midwestern computer training videos. Meanwhile Daniel describes a scenario of Extreme Deep Tissue Massage, complete with your very own Massage Bro who gets paid in beer. Daniel also talks about all the disgusting things he's ever eaten in taco form, while Libby sits in a corner, eating his own hair and describing the perfect girl to go on a "spicy fling" with. After the GTYH that started it all, and a brief jaunt into the life of Joe Pesci, the boys wind up making this the lengthiest episode ever by having a long-winded discussion about something they've NEVER talked about on the podcast before...MOVIES. Libby and Daniel discuss going to see Dark Knight with an infant, and the possibility of a Hugh Jackman/Michael Caine love session. Stay tuned next week for an on-the-set interview with the stars of CouchCapades. Brossage!

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Episode 26: Ugh, Really? Volume I

In this Silver Anniversary episode, Libby revisits the past with a Cavalcade of Clips! This admittedly cop-out move assembles some of the best moments of the first 25 LAFCAST episodes for your listening delight. Long-time fans should be able to appreciate a nostalgic walk down Memory Lane, and brand-new listeners will get a crash course in LAFCAST with this clip-show that is sure to make a die-hard fan out of any newbie (hint, hint, TELLYOURFRIENDSTELLYOURFRIENDSTELLYOURFRIENDS) And the episode ends with some Brand New Material (tm) from the recently unearthed Episode 25 Prime. Stay tuned next week for actual fresh material. Retrospective!

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