Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 30: Stupid Wigs

In this long-overdue episode, Libby is joined by "Mixmaster" Jon Kelly for an episode of GRAND PROPORTIONS...well, not really. In actuality Libby continues his streak of not-that-funny podcasts with an episode chock-full of wig jokes, childhood stories of PBS erotica, and inappropriate Tennyson references. The boys debate the merits of Randy Quaid, defend their views on time travel, and start (and quickly stop) talking politics. All this plus Libby's endorsement of animal cruelty, some serious TV talk, insults at Jon's babies' expense, and a review of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World await you in the LEGENDARY Episode 30! Charge!!!

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Episode 29: A Hot Helen Keller

In this episode, Franson returns to the fold for a...well, admittedly lackluster reunion with Libby. The original dynamic duo tackle subjects such as the Super African Mario Brothers and Franson's tenure as a Country Jam employee. Libby realizes that fun facts are never actually fun, and Franson performs quite a lot of physical comedy that nobody will ever see. The boys respond to an ACTUAL HONEST-TO-GOODNESS LISTENER FEEDBACK for once, and find themselves defending the face of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Without a movie to review, Libby and Franson instead decide to review people, and Franson tries his hand at a Gun-To-Your-Head that may make you never eat another corn dog for the rest of your life. They try to fit in a little comedy at the end with talk of babies making out and a debate on the virtues of Ted Nugent, but in the end it's just not enough to save the ep. Funnier episodes in the coming weeks, podience. Judgmental!

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