Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things

Merry Christmas and welcome to the second annual LAFCAST Holiday Spectacular! The gang's all here for the holidays, and they've got a great show in store for you! They talk about all kinds of Christmasy topics, such as vasectomies at the dentist, date-rape vs. manly coercion, and Jon's gender-confused firstborn. Libby reveals his childhood jealousy of Christ and offends black people AND gay people with a flippant remark about Kwanzaa, Franson poo-poos the Golden Birthday and gets Baby Jesus confused with Hitler, Jon reveals how thorough and creepy a pizza boy he is, and Daniel comes up with a Gun-To-Your-Head that may or may not be sponsored by Oscar Mayer. It's all here in this very merry Christmas Spectacular! Jewbilee!!!

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