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Welcome once again to the Land of Podcasts for another truly edifying installment of LAFCAST. In this episode, Libby is joined by Jon for a riotous affair featuring a scientific exploration of pizza-borne diseases, as well as a reminiscent journey to a long-past summer beach trip (and, with it, a cursory glance at the economics of Free Beer Bongs.) The lads go on to spend FAR too long talking about the minutiae of the cast of Can't Hardly Wait, discuss mouth-watering Gatorade flavors like Arctic Peach, Flung Spume, and the ever-popular Plain, take the beef jerky industry to task on their violent, sasquatch-centric commercials, and contemplate a world in which robot butlers have a real attitude problem. All that and much more in this week's LAFCAST. Chipfest!

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Hello again! In this episode of LAFCAST, Libby is joined by Daniel for a nerdtastic gathering. After a brief eulogy for a phone, the boys dive headfirst into a discussion about Star Trek: The Next Generation. No stone remains unturned here, from a unfortunately sexy intergalactic Gun-To-Your-Head to tales of Worf's brother, Borf, to Libby's description of both his intense nerdiness AND his hatred for nerds, to an unsettling revelation involving watching Star Trek and proximity to females. Talk eventually turns to other topics, (you're welcome,) such as a brand new cooking show for Tony Danza, the ethnicity of Mr. Food, an alternate-reality M*A*S*H full of Iron Men, and Captain Planet's harsh anti-robot-marriage agenda. All this, plus FAR too many fantasy-movie-castings, in this installment of LAFCAST. Spizz!!!

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In this episode, Libby is finally joined by Nina "The Black Orchid" Hartsel before she is yet again stolen from him by the Wicked Witch of the Pacific Northwest. Nina proves quickly that girls talk about the same dumb stuff that guys do, as Libby and Nina traipse hand-in-hand through fields of inane topics, from the many disturbing colors of urine to the care one must take when pronouncing "Caulk." The two ponder the possibility of subliminal advertising behind Melon Week and Meat Week, pontificate on Nina's Magic Nose, and pore over the concept of octogenarian nude modeling. After deciding their stance on the London Riots, (their decision? Against) they finish off the episode with discussion of "one-part harmony," Portugese butt-squeezing family reunions, parental potty-training plots, and the strange frequency of Apollo 13 in the public classroom. Get in touch with your femine side before we get back to the sausage party. Mantiques!

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Welcome back! In this episode, Libby and Jon are joined by an oh-so-special guest, Don "Star-Wars-Tattoo-Butt" Frisk, as they embark on another jumbo-sized podcast voyage. They start the ball rolling by turning their critical eye to the sculptures popping up in downton Eau Claire, pontificating on the subtle nuances of dueling billboards, and analyzing the merits of "Kofi Annan" as a porn name. Libby keeps mis-saying the phrase "Transitive Property," Jon finds a whole new spin on both sarcasm and retail, and Mr. Frisk gets the All-American Rejects and Hinder confused somehow. Before the episode is over, the boys fix How I Met Your Mother, tell the story of Pod Judas and Pod Jesus, declare their allegiances in the ongoing "Pickle Vs. Nickelback" debate, and have a brief interview with John Toppers, the Prince of Pizza. It's all here in this extra Frisky episode of LAFCAST. Handy!

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Welcome back, Podience, to the kickoff of LAFCAST's 2011 "Summer Of Swing!" Franson is screamin' to go, along with Libby and Daniel. In this episode, the boys try to equate every group of pop-culture misfits with the Heroes in a Halfshell, whether it makes any sense or not, Franson tests the limits of people's tolerance for racism, Libby spews a fountain of ooze, the legitimacy of MC Hammer's lyrics are called into question, Daniel makes some sweet sweet Lorenzo music, we witness the beginning of Operation Faison Love, the boys test the potency of Turtle Weed (tm), Charlie Sheen is revealed to feed his children $100 bills, and much much more! The gang also tries its hand at Tradesmarksmanship in a new game. This summer's gonna be a doozy, and the only way to start is by wrappin your ears around LAFCAST Episode 36. Podjudice!

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GREETINGS! The good folks at LAFCAST have got a real treat in store for...well, for our not-so-loyal fans. Y'see, once upon a time there was an Episode 20, named "Funky Chums", and it was fantastic. Unfortunately, something weird happened and Episode 20 was removed from our Libsyn page after some time. LUCKILY for you, Episode 20 is here in it's entirety! UNLUCKILY for those of you who already downloaded it, that's all this episode is. But it's a good'n, so I still recommend going back and listening to it. Anyway, loyal podience, FEAR NOT! Starting next week, LAFCAST will be BRAND-BUTT-SMACKIN'-NEW, and, for the rest of the spring/summer, ALMOST WEEKLY! So, anyhow, sit back and enjoy either an oldie-but-a-goodie or a strangely outdated new-to-youie (we talk a lot about Iron Man 2...go see it while it's still in theaters!!! Oh, wait...) Recycle!

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