Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things

Welcome once again to the Land of Podcasts for another truly edifying installment of LAFCAST. In this episode, Libby is joined by Jon for a riotous affair featuring a scientific exploration of pizza-borne diseases, as well as a reminiscent journey to a long-past summer beach trip (and, with it, a cursory glance at the economics of Free Beer Bongs.) The lads go on to spend FAR too long talking about the minutiae of the cast of Can't Hardly Wait, discuss mouth-watering Gatorade flavors like Arctic Peach, Flung Spume, and the ever-popular Plain, take the beef jerky industry to task on their violent, sasquatch-centric commercials, and contemplate a world in which robot butlers have a real attitude problem. All that and much more in this week's LAFCAST. Chipfest!

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Hello again! In this episode of LAFCAST, Libby is joined by Daniel for a nerdtastic gathering. After a brief eulogy for a phone, the boys dive headfirst into a discussion about Star Trek: The Next Generation. No stone remains unturned here, from a unfortunately sexy intergalactic Gun-To-Your-Head to tales of Worf's brother, Borf, to Libby's description of both his intense nerdiness AND his hatred for nerds, to an unsettling revelation involving watching Star Trek and proximity to females. Talk eventually turns to other topics, (you're welcome,) such as a brand new cooking show for Tony Danza, the ethnicity of Mr. Food, an alternate-reality M*A*S*H full of Iron Men, and Captain Planet's harsh anti-robot-marriage agenda. All this, plus FAR too many fantasy-movie-castings, in this installment of LAFCAST. Spizz!!!

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