Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things

Wecome back! In the second half of Libby's conversation with the legendary Josh "The WonderLlama" Stifter, the two gentlemen dive into some true confessions, starting with the lighter treasons. They discuss sleep-deprived hallucinations (including what may or may not have been the first Minnesota pterodactyl sighting in literally HUNDREDS of years,) R-rated theatrical experiences, and Alice Cooper as the "perfect man." Also, Libby admits to killing Steve Jobs in a particularly disturbing fashion, Josh is forced to spend some intimate quality time with Carrot Top, and James Cameron gives Libby the opportunity of a lifetime. It's all here in this "sequel" to the most recent LAFCAST episode of ALL TIME. PubicShelf!

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Hey there, podfans! In this week's episode, Libby is breaking new ground all over the place as he is dragged kicking and screaming into the new millenium with his first Skype-conversation podcast! The person to pop the proverbial SkypeCherry is none other than Flush Studios's founding father, Joshua "Ubiquitous" Stifter. Libby and Josh careen recklessly through topics such as Mexican Halloween, dogs as a replacement for human contact, Josh's "open relationship" with his mother, the curse of being both busy AND lazy, and the pathetic nature of trying to flirt with girls via email. Josh also opens up about a tremendous job opportunity that could really put Flush Studios on the map, whether he has "produced" yet or not. Tune in next week for the SECOND HALF of this groundbreaking conversation, and as always, shoot me your feedback on our Facebook page, or via Twitter @lafcast. GrowZone!

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Greetings! The LAFCAST boys (along with Don Frisk) are trying something a bit different this time an effort to preserve quantity at the sake of quality, Libby's letting his audio OCD tendencies go, and spending ZERO time editing. That's right, all the ums, ahs, and awkward pauses are PRESERVED for your inconvenience! I'm curious to know what you think about the "unfiltered" aspect. Better? Worse? Let me know on the LAFCAST Facebook page, or find me on "the Twitter" @lafcast. Pokerhouse!

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