Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things

Libby and Friends of the Podcast Dan and Jon Kelly Chat About:

The inspirational rubber band industry

What to do "if it's brown"

The battle of Stewarts---French v Patrick

Justin Bieber's next career move

Dan's "Franco Face"

Undiluted MiO

A big willie problem

Frankenstein's black monster

...and a innovation in the casserole market.

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Libby and Franson Chat About:

Mister Whisper

Gojira the sad bear

Michael Jordan in all media

Mac privilege

and a Jump-Streetin' 34-year-old

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Libby and Franson chat about:

ILC's Annie Jr

The funniest book of the Bible

Garbage! The Musical


The musical indiscretions of young Zach Franson

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Libby and Fifth-Anniversary-Crew Chat About:

Gas station video rental

Bringing "Porno" back

Suckin' off chili dogs

Smokin' Beers

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Libby and Franson (and Jon and Dan Kelly) Chat About:

Two LAFCAST Milestones,

Barn burning/storming

Ross Betsy and his many fears and worries

Embroidery Jobs.


Tune in next week for the second half of LAFCAST's Fifth Anniversary Spectacular!

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Libby And Franson Chat About:

Bad vibes regarding Bay's Turtles

Zombie racism

Bite-sized fruity RPGs

Jerky where it doesn't belong

Sweatin' to Slim Goodbody at Subway

...and a Newly Single Girl

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Libby And Franson Chat About

Singing Statesmen, Smallville, dead airtime filled with Googling, and lots and lots of German. Rescued from the LAFCAST dungeon of forsaken podcasts.

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Libby And Franson Chat About:
Veronica Mars, long awaited returns, TV, boring stuff, year-long hiatuses (hiati?)

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