Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things
Episode 57: Naked Taser Stories

Libby and Father Jon Kelly Chat About:

Humpty Dumpty's origin story,

an electric rifle in Elephant Land,

the unfortunate adventures of Florida Man,

invisible perverts,


Toby Keith's many bars and/or grills,

and Guy Fieri's awareness campaign

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Libby and Franson Chat About:


Franson's new gloves,

The 2013 Oscars,

Piss and/or vinegar,

Brad Pitt's Peep of Youth,

Sean Penn's Old Crotch,

Insults to Jennifer Lawrence and Tim Duncan out of nowhere,

and Reese's Peener Cups


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Libby and Franson (with special guest Erik Nelson) Chat About:

Secret Origins of "Peabody"

Very thin Pajama Pants

Mai Jahb cuisine

Kindergarten-level Spanish for grown-ass adults

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