Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things

Libby and Fluffy-backed titbabblers Chat About:


Boobs in the mail for Bubba Paluza,

Libby's Shopko dreamgirl,

the strict and magical rules of Dr. Grant,

Cruddy Butter,


poop-ornaments in the shaft alley,

rimbombs and La Bamba,

and Grandmother Willow's spunkwater.

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Libby and Folks Chat About:


Cannibalism right off the bat, 

the saga of Rotten Randy,

Couch Eater Origins: Jolly Juice,

holiday-flavored sodas and Joe Haddad's tender tummy,

survival camping with Dan and Fran,

and Gettin' It from Grumpy


(Continued from Episode 62's epic 4-way)

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Libby And a Full table of dudes Chat About:

A pooping menace,

Libby's vaKKKation,

the conclusion to the "Will Franson graduate?" cliffhanger,

a sleeping crying peeing 5-year-old,

realrealbad comic book movies,

and all of Bono's problems.


(Part 1 of an epic 4-way...part 2 coming soon!)






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