LAFCAST (podcasts)
Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things

Libby And Fat-Elvises Chat About:

How much better last week's lost episode was,

Benjamin Braff's Curious Condition,

A tract-packed human volcano,

Carrot Tops and Coffee Bottoms,

A scathing criticism of Big Olive,

and the mystery of Shania One.



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Libby and Flower-Drinking Friends Chat About:

Joseph Gordon Levitt Get It and Love It,

Mister Mustard Mouth,

Keebler Customer Service,

Communication via Chiney emojis,

and Libby's Little Angels.

Next time: Alcohol!



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Libby and Fried Foods Chat About:

Other people's crumbs,

"deep" versus "rim" south,

the tragic tale of Fat Again John Goodman,

various fluids by viscosity, 

cold jeans on a Friday night,

store-brand cans of fat,

and Dansplaining the Ninja Turtles reboot.

Next time: HIPPOS!


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Libby and Founding Fathers Chat About:

Wizard husbandry,

the Inflation of Pleasance,

alternative uses for Funyuns, 

and time-traveling dick jokes.


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Libby and Four-Months-Ago-People Chat About: 

Waffle House

Syrup House

Seaman House

and Honey Buckets

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Libby And Fellas Chat About:

Mostly just offensive Japanese accents,

a few ghost stories, 

the ol' Christina Reacharound,

and Pecan John.

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Libby And Food critics Chat About:


More things to LAKTATE,

reverse-engineered alcohol candy,

beer pressure,

Libby's butthole punishments,

three Jeff Goldblums and a dinosaur,

Franson's sneaky features,

ass mangoes and egg pockets,

and Blax Mix.

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Libby And Former fat kids Chat About:


Deep-fried breading,

A college freshman's "Sex A Chore,"

goat metabolism,

young Jon's rookie card,

gas-station-food physique,

Libby's thwompy dumpster ass,

Beggin' Burger King,

a "soft four",

fat stats,

and a whole new way to LAKTATE

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Libby and Fluffy-backed titbabblers Chat About:


Boobs in the mail for Bubba Paluza,

Libby's Shopko dreamgirl,

the strict and magical rules of Dr. Grant,

Cruddy Butter,


poop-ornaments in the shaft alley,

rimbombs and La Bamba,

and Grandmother Willow's spunkwater.

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Libby and Folks Chat About:


Cannibalism right off the bat, 

the saga of Rotten Randy,

Couch Eater Origins: Jolly Juice,

holiday-flavored sodas and Joe Haddad's tender tummy,

survival camping with Dan and Fran,

and Gettin' It from Grumpy


(Continued from Episode 62's epic 4-way)

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