LAFCAST (podcasts)
Libby And Friends Chat About Some Things

Libby and Fried Foods Chat About:

Other people's crumbs,

"deep" versus "rim" south,

the tragic tale of Fat Again John Goodman,

various fluids by viscosity, 

cold jeans on a Friday night,

store-brand cans of fat,

and Dansplaining the Ninja Turtles reboot.

Next time: HIPPOS!


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Libby and Founding Fathers Chat About:

Wizard husbandry,

the Inflation of Pleasance,

alternative uses for Funyuns, 

and time-traveling dick jokes.


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Libby and Four-Months-Ago-People Chat About: 

Waffle House

Syrup House

Seaman House

and Honey Buckets

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Libby And Fellas Chat About:

Mostly just offensive Japanese accents,

a few ghost stories, 

the ol' Christina Reacharound,

and Pecan John.

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Libby And Food critics Chat About:


More things to LAKTATE,

reverse-engineered alcohol candy,

beer pressure,

Libby's butthole punishments,

three Jeff Goldblums and a dinosaur,

Franson's sneaky features,

ass mangoes and egg pockets,

and Blax Mix.

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Libby And Former fat kids Chat About:


Deep-fried breading,

A college freshman's "Sex A Chore,"

goat metabolism,

young Jon's rookie card,

gas-station-food physique,

Libby's thwompy dumpster ass,

Beggin' Burger King,

a "soft four",

fat stats,

and a whole new way to LAKTATE

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Libby and Fluffy-backed titbabblers Chat About:


Boobs in the mail for Bubba Paluza,

Libby's Shopko dreamgirl,

the strict and magical rules of Dr. Grant,

Cruddy Butter,


poop-ornaments in the shaft alley,

rimbombs and La Bamba,

and Grandmother Willow's spunkwater.

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Libby and Folks Chat About:


Cannibalism right off the bat, 

the saga of Rotten Randy,

Couch Eater Origins: Jolly Juice,

holiday-flavored sodas and Joe Haddad's tender tummy,

survival camping with Dan and Fran,

and Gettin' It from Grumpy


(Continued from Episode 62's epic 4-way)

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Libby And a Full table of dudes Chat About:

A pooping menace,

Libby's vaKKKation,

the conclusion to the "Will Franson graduate?" cliffhanger,

a sleeping crying peeing 5-year-old,

realrealbad comic book movies,

and all of Bono's problems.


(Part 1 of an epic 4-way...part 2 coming soon!)






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Libby and Four-Father Jon Kelly Chat About:

Music streaming double-downs,

The benefits of Two Game Boys instead of one friend,

Libby's encyclopedic knowledge of She Spies,

Pregnance, pleasance, and joyment,

Bill Staines, Gord's Gold, and the secrets of dad music,

and whatever a pack of gum told us to say.

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